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Health is always at the top of the priority list of each and every person. Having a health body has already become a task. In this era where the inflation rate is high in the health insurance industry, getting a quality treatment at an affordable cost is simpley difficult for a common man. To save yourself from such hasssles, it is always advisable to invest in an effective health insurance policy.

Health insurance is an insurance policy that ensures a safeguard for the life of policyholder. With the health insurance policy holder can enjoy the cashless treatment, reimbursement of the expense in medical treatment in case of illness. Health insurance companies provide the cover for the diseases that are covered under the health insurance plan and the best part of health insurance is that according to IRDA the premium amount that is paid by the policy holder towards the insurance policy has a tax advantage under Income Tax Act section 80D.

There are different options that are available in the market as an insurance policy, but more are the option holder is the choice. It is not easy to filter out one best plan out of all. And when the matter is of life and health safety of an individual or family's life, the decision can never be easy. 'Health is the true wealth 'and in a country, like India, we are never sure that what is waiting ahead of us.

According to the report of the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) in which they have circulated results of the cross - national health analysis in the first 2014, the growth of the medical treatment in the nation is rocketed with a double digit speed no matter if it is in the urban areas or in the rural areas as compared to the past decade in India. This means that the fees for hospitalization, medical treatments, and health checkups are climbing up in the sky that a common man chooses to die of the disease than letting her family die of food after the costly health treatment for his or her disease.

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Multiple Options to explore Online comparison portals offer free insurance quotes of top insurance companies. You can compare on the basis of features, benefits, and according to your budget.
Saves time& Money Comparison portals allows you to compare quotes from your comfort zone and saves money. Online comparison and presence of multiple discountsdirectly saves your time and money.
Unbiased quotes No biasness towards any insurance company. You get actual and unbiased quotes that allows you to take the right decision.

How to Choose The Best Health Insurance Plan

There is no doubt in saying that in todays workd health insurance has become a necessity and everyone is looking for an effective yet affordable health insurance plan. There are multiple plans to select from but to get the best out of all is still a task. Thus to help you with the same, here we are. assists you entirely in getting free quotes and provides free comparison services. We at policy do not charge any kind of money from users. We have tie-ups with the top insurers in India and hence we are able to provide free quotes easily to you on a single page.

You can get complete information about the plans and products on our portal. is a one stop shop for all your insurance related needs. So start comparison of health insurance and get the best health insurance plan in India.

Choosing a health plan is a daunting task as there are 100s of options to choose from and all have their own merits. However, there are some parameters that are common and can be used to compare health insurance policies offered by various companies. On our portal, we try to help you understand these important features so that you can compare various features side by side and choose for yourself. On top of that, we also help you purchase policies on our portal within 5 minutes without any documentation. The policy is sent to your email id usually within an hour.

  • You can compare health insurance plans from over 10 companies within 30 seconds: We at provide free quotes on health plans from top insurers. It will only take you a few minutes to get the best medical coverage.

  • You can buy the policy that fits your requirement within 5 minutes without much documentation: Some companies also provide coverage on critical illness

  • Our Health Insurance policy comparison service is totally unbiased and specific, to the point: Covers ICU charges, boarding & lodging expense, diagnostic procedure prosthetic costs, etc.

  • Provides, news, plans related videos and articles: Customers between the age group of 5 to 60 years can take advantage of this plan, but this also varies from insurer to insurer.

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